Meet The Team

Know a little bit more about us. We hope to meet you soon. 

Roshan Warjavand

Roshan Warjavand teaches the Argentine Tango in Amsterdam. For him the Argentine tango is a lifestyle. Almost every weekend you will find him dancing in a salon in the Netherlands or at festivals abroad. He has followed many lessons and workshops of great tango maestros. His own tango dance style is characterized by musicality, creativity, gentleness and dynamics. He is a versatile dancer who likes to dance both the traditional tango and the tango nuevo style and milonga. He is a great teacher and qualified to instruct you about the essentials that will help you to become a very good tango dancer.


Kaoru Yamamoto

Kaoru is from origin Japanese and lives more then 20 years in Amsterdam. She is a passionate tango dancer for many years. Kaoru loves to organize great events that are always memorable in the least. She is a social butterfly who brings a lot of energy in the room.